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Number of players: 2-6 

Playing time:  40-60 minutes
Age: 8+


The world is in a crisis! Life as we know it, may soon come to a devastating end. We are dealing with a growing population and global food shortages while in the face of climate change, environmental loss, air pollution, and water contamination. The United Nations has proposed a set of goals – the Sustainable Development goals - that if reached, can help overcome these challenges and improve human life on Earth. Countries, political parties, private organizations, scientists and the public have come together to find ways to meet these Sustainable Development Goals. And they have zeroed in on THE SOIL!​ The soil is a fragile, living and breathing skin that covers our planet and supports life on Earth. It provides more than 95% of our food and fodder, filters our water, regulates the Earth’s temperature, and acts as a powerhouse of carbon storage. Yet, we have been too careless with it. Human activities like deforestation, urbanization, agriculture and pollution have degraded more than one third of the soil on earth. In order to survive, we have to protect what is left!​ As soil guardians you must restore degraded soils in order to prevent famine, water pollution and climate breakdown. Travel through the soil matrix to fix its many properties and build a healthy soil that can support global challenges. It is not an easy task but work together and you will tackle these dirty matters!

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